what we do

MDC Computers has been Alamogordo's computer repair shop since 1997.

We like to think we've lasted so long because we're doing something right.  We also know we wouldn't have made it anywhere if not for our community.  Our clients are also our friends, family, and neighbors, which has made it all the easier over the years to continue to dedicate ourselves to providing excellent, ethical service.  Our hope is that when you walk out of our shop with your computer, cell phone, or tablet, you're just as happy as we were to see you walk in.


our team

  • David Gonzalez

    Born July 18th 1976 in Alamogordo NM. Father David A. Gonzalez Mother…

  • Emilia Mack

    Emilia joined the MDC team in 2014 under her own company's banner, Mack's Technology…