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How to Protect Your Children While They’re Online

Summer Safety for Your Cyber Citizen Children Now that the summer season is finally upon us, children have all the time in the world to spend with their best friend: Technology. Waking early to sneak in a couple hours of Minecraft, Roblox, YouTube or Xbox…grabbing their ‘educational’ iPad and Facetiming a friend…sending emails and texts…it’s…
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How to Stay Safe While Being Social

So how do you balance being social with staying safe? People happily share their private information online, building robust libraries that can easily become a one-stop goldmine for fraudsters. It’s not exactly the intention everyone has when they sign up, as the whole point of Facebook is to share your life with your friends. It…
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Why You Should Never Use A Free Email Address For Your Business

  The message is clear: email is king. Many clients and customers choose to communicate primarily by email and as you know, it gives a fantastic return on investment (ROI) in your marketing strategy… unless you’re using a free email service like Hotmail, Gmail, or even your internet provider. If that’s the case, you’re losing…
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Will that click cost you thousands?

Ransomware has undeniably been the biggest security threat of 2016. No-one was safe. Hackers targeted everyone and everything, including home PCs and they were astoundingly successful in earning themselves upwards of $846 million from US reported incidents alone. Business is booming for hackers, with thousands of attacks each day bringing in an average of $640…
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