Thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone?

You might want to think twice.  Reports have been coming in regarding a vicious piece of malware working through the popular Cydia app, which has already amassed a database of over 250,000 Apple accounts, complete with passwords.  Once compromised, these accounts can also be used to make unauthorized Apple Store purchases, and the devices with the malware running on them can even have their unlocking operations disabled, effectively holding the device for ransom.

For more information, check out this article at Gizmodo, or for the morbidly curious you can read the full release article from Palo Alto Networks.

Our take here at MDC?  We believe if you've purchased the device, whatever it may be, you should be free to fix it, hack it, mod it, or see if it blends.  Jailbreaking is no different, and has its benefits.  As these reports show, however, you do risk opening your devices up to vulnerabilities they would not have otherwise been susceptible to.  For long-time jailbreakers, this is not really news.  For those of you thinking about trying it out, just make sure you're as well informed about all the possible pitfalls of jailbreaking before you do it.

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