Let’s talk Anti-Virus

Pretty much without exception, everyone using a PC these days needs some form of anti-virus.  Without one, you risk getting infected with every file you download, and every web page you load.

But let's face it; even with an anti-virus running on your computer you're not completely protected.  We know.  We have cleaned and continue to clean infections from computers running every kind of anti-virus program out there: Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, IObit, Panda... and the list just keeps going.  Why is this, if you're paying for these programs to keep you protected?

For years now MDC has not sold an anti-virus program, and for exactly that reason; we don't believe we should sell you something unless we know it will work and we can stand behind it.  Instead, we've offered free anti-virus solutions such as AVG, Avira, or Avast! to our clients, believing at least that some anti-virus is better than no anti-virus at all.

We're very happy to now offer a solution that doesn't force you to settle for only some protection.  It's from a company called Webroot.  You may recognize the name, as they've been around for quite some time, now.  What we're offering from them is a little bit different from what you can go and pick up in a box from your big-box retailers, though.

For starters, it's monitored and managed by us, locally, right here at MDC.  If your computer encounters something nasty, we'll get an alert letting us know.  In addition, in the six months since we've started offering it to our clients, on the now 180+ machines we are monitoring, our Webroot application has blocked 100 percent of the threats we've seen it encounter.  Because of these things, and because we're so confident in the program's ability to keep you safe, we're offering a Virus Protection Guarantee with it.

What's a Virus Protection Guarantee mean for you?  It means, unlike with other commercially-available anti-virus programs, you only pay for your protection; you don't have to also pay for cleaning.  It means, should something nasty get past our anti-virus, we've got you covered.  We will clean your device of any infection at no additional cost so long as you're running our managed Webroot anti-virus solution on that device.

Use the internet again in confidence.  Come pay us a visit and get signed up today.

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